Artist Spotlight: Javier DeRiba

I found the artist Javier DeRiba on I have always been drawn to colorful street art and this stood out to me. It combines a few of my other loves—color, pattern and tile work. It's different than the in-your-face art you see on walls out on the street. His work is behind the doors and on the floors of dilapidated buildings. He brings the floors back to life, recreating tile work reminiscent of what might have been there before, by stenciling and spraying the patterns right onto the concrete floors. Cool!

Original article by Kate Sierzputowski & Images:

Saturday in the Mission

I spent the day wandering around the Mission with friends and I barely recognized it. So many new restaurants and shops, not to mention a new slew of ultra hip people. I guess I need to get out of the house more often so I can keep up!  Although things have changed so much over the last few years, the walls and streets are still bursting with color—same as ever!  

the mission.jpg