In the Studio Sunday

Katja | Fluffy Bud

I've decided to post a design at the end of every week. I create many designs over the course of a week, but this will help me to showcase my work regularly, because I'm pretty bad at that!

I often start on motifs and then set them aside to create a pattern later on. It's a trial and error thing until I hit on a layout that makes me feel content. I don't think I'm ever completely satisfied because the possibilities for a design are just endless. I design in a very loose style, so I tend to go back again and again and tweak colors or positioning until I force myself to stop. Does this happen to you too? Below is a design that I went round and round on but feel somewhat satisfied with now. What do you think?

To see a glimpse of the painting of the motif, see post from Sept 3rd. I started with a watercolor design and scanned it so I could manipulate it in Photoshop. I did a lot of playing with color shifts and layout—but we'll get to those details another time. :)