If your life is feeling a bit ho-hum and you need a little kick in the pants, the movie Iris will give you that little burst of inspiration you might need. Watching 92-year old Iris Apfel in her home with her husband Carl and seeing how free and youthful they are is just so sweet. She is witty, honest and fearless with her style, and it is just so invigorating to watch her in action! 

Seeing how active and full of art, travel and fashion her life is, makes me never want to complain about an ache or pain, or waste another lazy day lounging on the couch. After seeing what she takes on, reminds one of how much living there is to do! 

If you aren't familiar with the fashion icon, here's a great article in April Vanity Fair to give you a taste of who she is. And check out the movie trailer here.