Delpozo Resort 2017

I always look through's Latest Shows section to see what trends, colors and design elements are shining through. I love to see what things plant the seeds for a designer's creativity.  

I stopped at Delpozo's 2017 Resort collection and the article read: "I touch with the eyes," as quoted in his collection notes and attributed to sculptor, Anthony Caro". Caro, as well as Georges Méliès (of 1902 silent film Trip to the Moon) were inspirations for this collection. I like that the inspiration isn't blatant, but that you can still feel both the sculptural and fanciful, spacey elements in his collection. 

For fun, click here to see the 14 min film Le Voyage dans la Lune. And see examples of Caro's sculpture here. Do you see the connections?

All images are from, photos: Del Pozo