Listen up. (Really!)

Our Copyright Laws May Change and Not in A Good Way

In essence, "this is a proposal to legalize the theft of private property." —Brad Holland 

If you are an artist or illustrator - this is a very serious subject. Brad Holland, an award-winning artist and illustrator is an expert on existing copyright laws, as well as the proposed copyright legislation changes. Take a listen! It's a really important subject and could affect anyone who has ever created and shared a sketch, piece of art, illustration etc. that is out in the world. 

It's a complicated subject, but he does a great job of clearly explaining what's going on.

Will Terry writes: "Artists! There's a good chance we're going to lose the rights to our work unless we stop legislation that's being proposed to congress. This has the potential to infect every country in the world. We need your help to stop this as soon as possible! Brad Holland is an expert in this new legislation and explains why artists worldwide will suffer if our current copyright law is replaced by the new proposals."