Inspired By - Vikings

I have Viking in me (according to my 23 and Me results). But that’s not the only reason I’ve been fascinated lately. It must be from my current obsession with the show Vikings and the trip I made to Iceland a few summers ago. I’ve always found Nordic cultures, along with their folk heritages and design so special. It probably goes back to my youth growing up in Northern Europe, i.e. Germany and Finland. (I’m also completely obsessed with “Scandi-Noir” crime dramas, but that’s a whole other discussion. Hit me up if you want a list of the best).

The images I collected for inspiration give me a feeling of beautiful craftsmanship, cold and ice, and dark days; and and that’s what my inspiration board is. A collection of images which excite and inspire me to feel a certain way, and in turn influence my designs.

What is your latest obsession or inspiration for your designs?

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