New Year, New Intentions

I hope the start to the New Year has been great for you. Sometimes I get into the whole resolution thing but this year I'm not cutting things out, I'm just looking at this time as the gift of a fresh start. I might make some changes to habits here and there, but overall I just want to think about ways I can improve myself, my intentions, actions and individual place in the world. And all the ways I can share meaningful things with others.

In terms of my designing, I aim to be more dedicated and diligent about what I put forth on the creative front, as well as the business and administrative side of things. I need to keep up with things like, ahem, blog posts, organization and making contacts. I want to be better about sharing tips, and letting people see into my world a bit more. I'd love more interaction with my readers and supporters. So please drop me a line with any questions or feedback, or just to say hi! I welcome all of it.

 Do you have any new intentions for the year ahead?

This design started as a sketch I did with colored markers in my sketchbook. I actually just took a picture of it with my cellphone instead of scanning it in, I emailed the image to myself, downloaded and then opened it up in PS, cleaned it up and laid it out. That's some designing on the fly for you!