Happy New Year 2016!

This quote really moved me when I read it. I often get caught up in thoughts of my past, how wonderful things were—how I thought nothing could be better than the years I went to NYU, or lived in Paris or first arrived in San Francisco. I think about how young, pretty, talented, healthy and strong I was. But wait! Aren't I still all of those things just more grown up and with more amazing stories under my belt? Maybe I have a few extra creaks in my bones and extra pounds around the waist, but I'm still those things. 

I have decided to commit myself to living as healthy and vibrant a life I can—full of creativity, time with family and friends and things that matter. I will always cherish my past experiences—all the moments I can relive, and the stories I can tell—but I'm so ready to see what comes next. I have a feeling the more I open myself up to finding out what the future holds, the more I will experience. Bring it on!

I wish you all many new experiences and some new stories to tell in 2016. Happy New Year everyone! Much joy to you in the coming year.