Needlepoint anyone?

I'm sure you've heard the expression "Fake it til you make it", well I overheard someone say "Keep making til you make it" and I like the sound of that so much better. That's exactly what has driven me to stay focused and positive about the work I'm doing and the direction I am going. I think if you just keep doing what you do, you can never go wrong! 

Just when I felt like I had hit a slump with my illustrations have brought me some luck! The Art Needlepoint Company has picked up a selection of my designs and they are currently selling them on their website. How fun!  

Wouldn't you like to try your hand at the popular craft using one of my folky animals as your guide? Check them out! They are really great for all levels and the kits come with all the thread and materials you need so they make awesome gifts!  I remember my Mom and German grandmother teaching me how to knit and embroider at a young age. Let's keep these traditions and crafts alive!

Katja_Folk Pony.jpg